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Keeping your pet healthy with checkups and proper medication is crucial, yet oftentimes costly.

Hartville Pet Insurance, a brand offered by Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group™, aims to solve this by allowing every pet to have insurance, and to help pet parents manage the many costs associated with vet care. The company offers different coverage plans, as well as add-on options, great support, and a streamlined experience.

It aims to offer fast, easy, and flexible support with its online-based platform that can get you a quote and walk you through the enrollment process in minutes. Once enrolled, its member center acts as your online tool for account management where you can do anything from locate a nearby vet, to pay a bill. Hartville Pet Insurance is a modern and simple pet insurance provider.


  • Free online quote available in seconds
  • Coverage as low as $1.50 a day  
  • Support center contactable by phone or email


  • Easy reimbursements at 70, 80, or 90%
  • Customer support phone number
  • Several coverage types available
  • Affordable pricing
  • Modern, streamlined, and online-based user experience


  • Some coverage only starts 14-days after policy’s effective date
  • Pre-existing conditions not covered
  • California residents have different insurer policy provisions

What's Covered? ​

Different things are covered depending on the specific type of coverage plan you choose for your pet – Complete Coverage, Preventive Care, or Accident-Only coverage.

Complete Coverage includes exam fees, diagnostic costs, and treatment for when your pet gets hurt or sick. The plan covers accidents, which will take care of costs associated with injuries and emergencies. These can include broken bones or toxic ingestions. It also covers illnesses, where you’ll get reimbursed for the cost of minor and major ones like diabetes or cancer. The Complete Coverage plan also covers hereditary conditions like eye disorders or heart disease that don’t show symptoms until later in your pet’s life. And finally, the plan covers

behavioral issues related to anxiety or compulsive behavior like fur pulling or tail chasing.

Hartville Pet Insurance’s Complete Coverage plan is an all around package that’s comparable to a plan you would choose for yourself.

When you purchase an insurance policy for your pet from Hartville, you’ll have the option to include add-on plans to your policy. Adding on plans will cost you a bit more per month, but they’re definitely worth it if your pet needs that kind of coverage. Types of add-on plans include Preventive Care and Accident-Only coverage. Preventive Care entitles you to a fixed amount of money back for various services that help to protect your pet in the long run. These services include things like dental cleanings, vaccines, and wellness exams. Accident-Only coverage includes the exam fees and costs of diagnostics and treatment after accidents.  

Hartville Pet Insurance offers various coverage plans for different pet owners, pets, conditions, and needs. No matter which plan you choose, your insurance can be used for treatment at any clinic in the US or Canada.

What are the Limits and Deductibles?​

Your annual pet insurance coverage has one annual limit, whose amount you can choose. The amount also conveniently resets every year. Limits range anywhere from $5,000 to unlimited, as Hartville Pet Insurance understands the benefits of a higher annual limit for your pet and their health.

Annual deductible options are also up to you. You can choose between a deductible of $100, $250, or $500.

The company also offers a reimbursement plan to alleviate pet owners from large vet bills and medical charges. Getting reimbursed is simple and straightforward. After paying a bill, you simply submit your claim, and wait to receive cash back. The payouts are based on your specific vet bills, and you’ll be entitled to receive 70%, 80%, or 90% of the bill back. It’s important to note that the amount of money you get back depends on the reimbursement percentage you choose, and that you will only get paid once your annual deductible is paid off. Additionally, it takes around 14-16 days to completely process your claim, and you can choose to receive your reimbursement by direct deposit to your bank, or by check in the mail.

Hartville offers a wide array of limit, deductible, and reimbursement options to ensure you get what you’re looking for and need.

Age Limits

There is no age limit when purchasing a policy for your pet. When you choose a plan, you’ll be required to input information about your pet. This includes information like the species, breed, and their age. Your premium will be calculated accordingly. The company also takes into account your location when creating a premium.

The company emphasizes that it will never cancel or downgrade your pet’s insurance based on their age or health. Any pet, no matter their age, can receive coverage. You will simply see an increase in your premium as your pet gets older. ​

What’s not covered

Like most pet insurance providers, Hartville Pet Insurance has some exclusions in its plans. Exclusions include pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, and breeding costs.

Pre-existing conditions are ones that happen before your coverage begins or during a waiting period. It’s important to note that coverage for issues related to ligaments or knee conditions starts on the 15th day after your policy’s effective date.

The exclusion of cosmetic procedures means that your insurance does not cover elective procedures like ear cropping or claw removal, and the breeding cost exclusion refers to costs associated with pregnancy, which are not covered.


Insuring your pet with Hartville Pet Insurance is simple, fast, and easy. The company understands the importance of good coverage, while at the same time aiming to lessen the costs pet owners accrue. It offers flexible plan options, which can be combined for a customized plan for your pet, helpful customer support, and a modern online-based platform. You can get a quote on its platform, as well as enroll. And if you aren’t sure which plan to choose, you can save your quote while you research, compare, and read through the details provided by its quote engine.

Aside from offering proper pet coverage, one of the company’s other priorities is community outreach, which it does by helping both human and animal-oriented charity organizations. This is a great perk, knowing that you’ll be helping other animals while helping your own.


Last Updated:  March 2018

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