The Top 10 Best Pet Insurance Providers for Cats

Your cat is part of the family, so it's important to make sure he stays healthy and happy.
Pet insurance will give you the peace of mind that your cat is covered in case of an accident
or illness. We've gathered the top pet insurance companies out there and compiled
pet insurance reviews for each of them. Make sure your cats have the health coverage
they need so you can get back to the important things like spending time together! 

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Cats and Pet Insurance

Pet lovers are enthusiastic about their pets. They are our faithful companions, part of our homes, our hearts, and our families. Their photos adorn the screen savers on our phone and computer screens. Some stylish pets get to dress in the latest fashion, some well-behaved ones get to visit Santa during the holiday season, and some lucky pets even get to travel on vacation.

But the one thing all these lucky pets have in common is the need for veterinary care. Unfortunately, sometimes a veterinary visit can occur in an emergency situation, and it can be very expensive.

Pet Insurance Basics

What is pet insurance? Simply, pet insurance is health insurance for your pet. It can help provide you with peace of mind during the lifetime of care for your pet. Pet insurance will help cover veterinary treatment expenses should your pet become ill or injured. Just like human health insurance, different pet policies will contain different fee structures or terms and conditions. Some pet insurance policies may provide for wellness visits, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, or even dental care. Microchipping is covered by some policies making it much more likely your cat or dog will be reunited with you should they stray. Pet policies may carry deductibles or co-pays, and most have exclusions for pre-existing conditions. They may also contain maximum benefit amounts.

Cats and Their Numbers

According to a 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Association Survey by the American Pet Products Association, 65% of all households own a pet, about 79.7 million households. Of that amount, 42.9 million households own at least one cat, and the average number of pet cats owned per household is two. So what is the average cost of veterinary care for each furry feline companion? That average is $1,141 per cat per year. 

So Why Do You Need Pet Insurance for Your Cat?

Just like dogs, cats can be at risk for certain illnesses or accidental injury, even if they live indoors. They can be prone to certain chronic diseases, such as kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. Should your cat begin to exhibit signs of illness, your veterinarian may need to perform a variety of tests before treatment can begin. With recent advancement in veterinary science, many diseases can be treated more readily now and provide a greater level of care. But those treatments may include frequent visits to the veterinary office or medication that may become part of a lifelong treatment. All that medical care can become a burden to the family budget.

No one wants to make a decision about the treatment of their beloved cat due to the expenses involved. Since it is impossible to predict what your pet needs will be, covering you cat with a pet insurance policy will mean that the decisions you make about your cat’s care will be what is best for your cat and not due to financial restrictions.