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Reviewed by:  André Spiteri


The Gist

Pets Best has annual limits, but it has a reasonable level of coverage that operates worldwide and no upper age limits. Best of all, they offer international coverage and have a pre-approval hotline for claims over $500. This is really helpful should you need to make an emergency decision about your pet’s care.

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Pets Best Highlights

  • Most claims paid in 3-5 days
  • Choice of no deductible


  • Exam fees cover
  • Insures any pet over 7 weeks old
  • Wellness cover


  • Some exclusions are worded vaguely
  • Annual limits may apply

Cover: What You Get When You Choose Pets Best

Pets Best have three levels of cover:

The Essential plan covers accident, illness, hereditary conditions, emergency visits, surgery and medication.

The Plus plan gives you the same basic cover as the Essential plan, but also covers vet exam fees and rehabilitation expenses. The latter includes physical therapy, hydrotherapy and even cold laser therapy.

The Elite plan is the same as the Plus plan, but it has a higher annual limit.

Wellness cover and full cover for congenital conditions are also available as upgrades.

You also have the option of purchasing accident only cover or cancer only cover. 

Limits and Deductibles 

If you purchase a Pets Best policy, it’s possible to have no deductible and 70-90% reimbursement.

While this looks appealing on paper, there are a few catches.

Firstly, you cannot have both together. It’s either no deductible, or 70-90% reimbursement.

Secondly, you can only opt for 70-90% reimbursement if you have a deductible of at least $200.

That said, the deductible is annual. This means that, even though your first claim of the year won’t be refunded 100%, any further claims during that year will.

Finally, annual limits limits apply, depending on the level of cover you opt for. The Essential and Plus plans have an annual limit of $5000, which is quite low. The Elite plan has an annual limit of $10, 000 or, upon request, $20,00

That said, Pets Best should start offering an unlimited plan starting in 2017.

Value for Money

The cost of a Pets Best plan will vary depending on location, deductible, reimbursement level and the age of your pet. You can get accident only cover with a $200 deductible and 80% reimbursement for $9 a month, which is quite cheap.

You’ll get 5% off your premium if you insure more than one pet. 

Age Limits

Pets Best will not insure pets younger than 7 weeks old. However, they do not have any upper age restrictions. This makes Pets Best ideal if you’re thinking of buying pet insurance for your older pet for the first time.

The Fine Print: What Isn’t Covered By Pets Best 

Pets Best does not cover pre-existing conditions and non-veterinary expenses, including special diets. There is limited cover for hereditary conditions.

Pets Best also don’t cover preventable conditions. This is described as a condition in respect of which a vet advised you to take precautions. 

Thankfully, Pets Best do have a pre-approval hotline for claims over $500. This is extremely helpful, as it allows you to quickly check whether something is covered before taking a decision on your pet’s care.


Pets Best offers a reasonable level of cover, but the annual limits on most plans don’t make it the best option out there. However, their claims pre-approval service is very helpful should you need to make an emergency decision about your pet’s care.

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Last Updated: February 2016

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