The Best Pet Insurance Providers of 2016

How Just $30/month in Pet Insurance Can Save You $$

Your pet is part of the family and deserves all the love and attention in the world. But our furry friends can’t live on love alone. How can you make having a pet more affordable? Be prepared! Don’t get blindsided by expensive medical bills. Discover the low cost solution that’ll save you tons of money and headache in the future!

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The Real Cost of Having a Pet

Pets are expensive - if you’ve got one you already know this. But it’s the unexpected costs - such as surgeries and pricey medication - that can really come as a shock to pet owners.

Most pets will require expensive medical care at some point. Common procedures such as cataract and hip dysplasia surgery can run upwards of $2,500. And then there are bone fractures, infections and viruses - whose treatments can quickly tear through your savings.

So how can you get costs down while still providing your pup or kitten with the best care possible?

That’s where pet insurance like PetsBest’s comes in! You can provide your pet with the best possible care, regardless of cost.

And the insurance is cheaper than you’d think. Most plans cost just $25 a month and will save you THOUSANDS in the long term. Petplan is not only a trustworthy insurer but also a great resource for all dog owners, with lots of helpful articles and tips on training, feeding and caring for your dog.

With a great insurance provider you can be sure that when your pet does need expensive medical attention, you won't have to weigh lesser care options because of the threat of high bills.

From Fur to Feathers

Pet insurance is not only for our four legged friends. Parrots, parakeets, cockatoos, hamsters and ferrets - even the smallest of pets can run up big bills when they get sick.

Unexpected veterinary costs can be a shock when something goes wrong, but taking the preliminary measure of buying pet insurance can save you big in the future. PetsBest’s wellness coverage usually comes down to only $1 per day, which is a small expense that’ll save you money and headache in the future.

With many domestic pets living anywhere up to 50 years; it's easy to see just why so many pet owners find themselves forking out so much on food, toys, beds, grooming equipment, insurance and veterinary bills over time. A longer lifespan requires insurance that can keep up for the long-haul. PetFirst offer great cover with no life-time limits!

Whatever your pet priorities, PetsBest, Petplan and PetFirst are three of the best resources designed to bring the peace of mind of knowing your furry or feathered friends are well-loved, and covered.

To help offset the cost of your new animal friend, compare the top pet insurance companies.